LIVE and Online December 7, 2021, 10:30 am - 4:10 pm ET

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Registration and virtual orientation

11:00 am

Welcome to Women in Wealth

11:05 am

Chairperson’s remarks

David Gunn

President, Edward Jones Canada

11:10 am

Opening keynote: Women in Innovation 

In this inspiring and empowering keynote, Lisa Langley sits down with Tasha Keeney – a disruptive, industrial innovating analyst at ARK Invest to discuss her experience as a women in finance, a disruptive innovator and the hurtles she had to overcome majoring in mathematics and her interview with Elon Musk.

Tasha Keeney

Analyst, ARK Invest

Lisa Lake Langley

CEO & Founder, Emerge Canada

11:35 am

Women and ‘the new retirement’

A recent landmark study conducted by Edward Jones and Age Wave found that 54% of Canadian women define retirement as a new chapter in their lives. With the vast majority of women reporting that they want to be more involved in their finances and learn more about financial planning, and with women living longer and a major wealth transfer on the horizon, how can financial advisors better serve female investors? Edward Jones will share information about the study and how personalized advice goes beyond finances into the areas of family, health and purpose. A panel of financial advisors will address how they are helping female clients plan for and live well in ‘the new retirement’.


Nicole Ewing

Senior strategist - advice and guidance, Edward Jones Canada


Andrea Andersen

General partner and financial advisor, Western Canada Area Leader, Edward Jones Canada

Joe Joseph

Financial advisor, Mississauga, ON, Edward Jones Canada

Scarlett Pan

Financial advisor, Vancouver, BC, Edward Jones Canada

Erin Roy

General partner and financial advisor, Toronto Area Leader, Edward Jones Canada

12:15 pm

Lunch break with Open Discussions from 12:20–1:00 pm

Grab a bite, a coffee, or a drink – share your screen and join us at one of these open discussions created for you. The struggles are real, so let’s have an open discussion with your fellow peers and see how we can take the conversation, shine some light on it and put it into action.

    • 12:20 to 12:35pm - Balancing work & life – the COVID impact

      Sheila Godse, national Manager, Member Engagement - Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada
      James Burton, Sr. Editor, Key Media

      Intergenerational wealth distribution
      Nicole Ewing, senior strategist - advice and guidance, Edward Jones Canada
      Laura Martin, COO, Matrix Mortgage Global

      Taking a risk – How do you further your career?
      Alison Fletcher, Chief Compliance Officer, Mandeville Private Client
      Krista Zingel, Brokering, Sales & Compliance professional, commercial educator, HomeEquity Bank

    • 12:35 to 12:45pm - Meet organizations that are helping pave the way

      Let us introduce you to some of the most inspiring organizations that were created to help you, learn, advance, and support you. Meet the heads of these chapters and walk away with knowledge on what they do, how they do it and be inspired to join them to help pave the way for future generations.

      Canadian Women’s Foundation - Suzanne Duncan, Vice President, Philanthropy
      Investment Planning Counsel - John Novachis, Executive Vice President
      Women in Capital Markets - Katie Squires-Thompson, Interim-CEO
      Women in ETFs Canada - Tanya Rowntree, Co-Chapter Head
      WCM - Katie Squires-Thompson, Interim CEO

12:45 pm

Desk stretches to get you refreshed, energized, and reengaged with Coach Chris

We sit down at our desk in the morning, and as the day gets going, we forget to eat, we forget to drink and the only breaks we somehow manage are the bathroom runs – We all do it, but let’s change that. Let us show you how this quick 10-minute desk stretch segment will get you moving, refreshed, and energized to take on any day!

1:00 pm

Panel – Building and knowing your personal brand

The first step to crafting your personal brand is to lay a foundation that you can confidently and authentically build upon. In this inspiring and impactful session, we navigate the power of knowing your personal brand, how to tell your story, how to be consistent, how to be ready to fail, and tools that are available to help you grow and establish your brand and online presence.

  • What is a personal brand and why is it important?
  • Where do I start? Steps to building your personal brand
  • How can you develop your position as a leader while working from home?
  • Tools to articulate your personal brand at work


Diana Oddi

Director, Marketing, Communications & Practice Management, Mandeville Private Client


Belinda Aramide

Founder, Salesfluence Consulting

Megan Heslop

Senior manager, Wealth Marketing & Communications, CIBC Commercial Banking & Wealth Management

Rebecca Mooney

CMO Americas (Canada, Mexico and Latin America), Vanguard

1:35 pm

Panel – Unlocking digital innovation: Tools to build your book of business

Against a backdrop of unprecedented change, digital transformation is now imperative. New apps and technology solutions are introducing a new era of innovative ways to help you stay current, relevant and engaged with clients, allowing you to build relationships and grow your book of business.

  • Staying ahead: Transitioning your business model to incorporate digital innovation
  • Picking the right investment partner/technology that align with your values  
  • Leveraging technology to grow your book of business and your brand


Julia Chung

CEO, Spring Planning

Darcie Crowe

Senior vice president and portfolio manager, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management

Kim Inglis

Financial advisor and associate portfolio manager, Raymond James

Ladan Shokrgozar

Portfolio Manager, Harbourfront Wealth Management

2:10 pm

Panel – Unlock your potential with the power of mentorship

Investing in oneself will lead to greater results for your career and your business. In an honest panel conversation, top industry executives will share advice for navigating self-doubt, unlocking the value of supporting others, and securing male allyship.

  • Developing support networks in the industry – how to start and who to connect with?
  • “Been there and done that” lessons learned and successes
  • The process for finding the right mentor/mentee: do’s and don’ts
  • Empowering the next generation of female visionaries, advisors and leaders
  • The importance of securing male allyship


Elizabeth Naumovski

Vice president marketing, Caldwell Securities


Andrea Linger

Manager, practice management and head of the Women Canadian Advisor Network, Raymond James

Barbara Riddell

Vice president of education and membership, Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

Annamaria Testani

Senior vice president, national sales, National Bank Investments

2:40 pm

Networking break with Open Discussions from 2:45 to 3:05pm

Grab a bite, a coffee, or a drink – share your screen and join us at one of these open discussions created for you. The struggles are real, so let’s have an open discussion with your fellow peers and see how we can take the conversation, shine some light on it and put it into action.

    • 2:45 to 3:05pm
      The power of listening in mentoring relationships
      Annamaria Testani, senior vice-president, National Sales, National Bank Investments
      Elizabeth Naumovski, vice president marketing, Caldwell Securities

    • 2:45 to 3:05pm
      Approaching LinkedIn with a strategy
      Belinda Aramide, founder, Salesfluence Consulting
      James Burton, sr. editor, Key Media

3:10 pm

Fireside chat – Harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion

How we foster real change within an organization is rapidly changing in today’s fragmented world. Sparking movements to build an inclusive community is at the top of the agenda for businesses and the industry. But how can we move this conversation forward in the financial space? We sit down with influencers who are leading the charge on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion from discussion into action.

  • Addressing the issue of “positive discrimination’ in attracting talent
  • Steps to “real change” and why the financial industry needs to do more than just “say the right thing”
  • Harnessing the power of your voice to help unify the community – steps we can take to drive change


Pam Marchant

Vice president and head of marketing, RBC Global Asset Management

Florence Narine

Senior vice president, head of Canadian Institutional, AGF Investments

3:35 pm

Live podcast conversation – Doubt, fear and frauds: How to spot imposter syndrome and kick it to the curb

You’re about to give a presentation, start a meeting or a new job when your heart starts racing, you sweat, have a creeping sense of dread and think, “This must be perfect, otherwise they are going to figure out I’m a fraud.”

Do you think your accomplishments and success are because of luck, chance, connection or appearance? Do you feel that others are smarter or work harder than you? Are you afraid of making a mistake?

Imposter syndrome and wealth creation are closely connected and can show up at any time in your life. Join us for a live podcast conversation with Christine Laperriere, Jessica Metcalfe and Stephanie Wolfe that will help you break free from self-doubt and self-crippling behaviour that can impact your wealth, career and relationships.

  • Why women suffer from imposter syndrome (and why is no one is talking about it)
  • Identifying where and how it shows up in your life
  • Actionable steps you can implement to gain confidence and stop the self-sabotage


Christine Laperriere

Owner, leader in motion and executive director, Women of Influence

Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

Entrepreneur, The Alchemist Dentist, staff dentist, education director, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Stephanie Wolfe

Founder, Wolfe Collective Wealth

4:05 pm

Closing Remarks

4:10 pm

Open dialogue reception

Grab a drink – share your screen and join your peers for an open dialogue to unwind from the day.

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