Wednesday, 21 November 2018

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This conference has been accredited for 5 CE hours by IAFE and 4.75 CE hours by FPSC

8:00 am
8:50 am

Conference welcome remarks

Jessica Clark Barrow, Executive Vice President, Waratah Capital & Toronto Chair, 100 Women in Finance
9:00 am

From nice to have, to business case, to risks - the importance of female leadership

In this unique two-part session you’ll hear how the journey for increased diversity and inclusion has been a slow one – but how it is quickly shifting from being a nice bonus to having support as a business maneuver to negating the risks we now know are associated with non-diverse teams. Camilla Sutton (CEO of Women in Capital Markets) will be examining:

  • What is the business case that supports diversity and inclusion
  • What does research suggest about the environment women face
  • How have the risks of non-diverse teams shifted
  • What can firms and individuals do to drive diversity

Camilla will then follow things up with a 20 minute fireside chat with Barry McInerney (CEO, Mackenzie Investments).

Camilla Sutton, President and CEO, Women in Capital Markets
Barry McInerney, CEO, Mackenzie Investments
9:40 am

Why we need women in business and wealth management

Research indicates that women are better communicators, stronger relationship-builders and receive higher ratings from clients than their male counterparts – meaning that a career in finance and wealth management is the perfect fit.

Learn more from Julia Chung as she outlines why women are crucial to any business’s success and why finance and wealth management is such a great career choice for ambitious women. Through a combination of personal experience and latest industry research, she’ll reveal:

  • Why women in business are necessary
  • Why women in wealth management are necessary
  • Skills we need to build both personally and professionally
  • How to build those skills
  • Fears to get over
Julia Chung, Co-Founder & Sr. Financial Planner, Spring Financial Planning; Engagement, Loyalty and Customer Care Award Finalist, Wealth Professional Awards 2016 & 2017
10:30 am

How to succeed as a female in a male-dominated industry

Fotini was nicknamed “the negotiator” as a child. Why? Because she was never afraid to go after what she wanted (extending curfews and bedtimes were a specialty) … or to channel her passion into helping others. Today, business executives regularly consult her to achieve their business goals and sharpen their negotiation game.

But things weren’t always easy for Fotini. She endured many struggles and challenges on the way up to success in an industry primarily dominated by men. Her experiences along the way inspired her to start coaching and mentoring women – and she takes the stage to share her story and the lessons she learned along the way, including:

  • How to develop the confidence to take on whatever challenges may come your way
  • Becoming more aware of your behaviors and actions that reinforce biases and stereotypes towards women
  • How to develop effective communication and negotiation skills to help you get what you want
Fotini Iconomopoulos, Negotiation Consultant, Forward Focusing
11:10 am

Secrets to achieving work-life balance from Canadian robo-adviser pioneer

Tea pioneered the robo-adviser model in Canada, making WealthBar the first organization of its kind in the country. With more than $200 million in assets under management (AUM) in just over three years after its launch, WealthBar makes premium investments accessible to all Canadians.

As a Start-Up Canada finalist, and Top 40 under 40 award recipient, Tea also sits at the Government of Canada’s Digital Industries Table. And yet while she building such an impressive career … she was also a new mother to her daughter and son. So: how did she manage to achieve so much in so little time while simultaneously raising a family? Tea will share her secrets, including:

  • How to grow your business while raising children and nurturing your family
  • What were some of the biggest risks that Tea had to take to get where she is today?
  • Obstacles faced along the way and how she overcame them
  • Advice to other women entrepreneurs on how to be successful and how to manage work-life balance
Tea Nicola, CEO and Co-founder of WealthBar Financial Services
11:50 am

Panel Discussion

How to better serve female clients

The control of wealth has changed, and a growing percentage of wealth management clients are women. Is your firm prepared? With an increasing portion of the world’s wealth in the hands of women investors, it is a question that merits immediate action. Join our panel of industry experts as they share best practices for better serving female clients, including:

  • Strategies for attracting and retaining female clients
  • Understanding women’s unique needs, goals and views towards money
  • How can financial industry keep up with the pace of wealth evolution?
Claire Van Wyk-Allan, Director, Head of Canada, AIMA Canada

Liz Bouthillier, Senior Vice President, Sales, Franklin Templeton Investments Canada
Jennifer Black, Portfolio Manager and Family Enterprise Advisor, Multi-Award Winning Advisor, Mandeville Private Client Inc./DFS Private Wealth
Rosemary Horwood, Vice President, Investment Advisor, Rosemary Horwood Wealth; Multi-Award Winning Advisor, Richardson GMP
12:30 pm

Networking lunch

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1:30 pm

Open Forum Panel Discussion

Moving the needle: How can firms attract more women into wealth management and set them up for success

Companies and organizations are actively recruiting women for senior leadership roles but are having a hard time finding them.

That’s the focus of this panel. In the spotlight: perspectives and best practices for attracting, hiring and creating diverse, inclusive and supportive work environments to help women thrive in the Canadian wealth management space. Talkative types are welcome – we want to hear from you via open forum discussion, active participation and input from the attendees. Under discussion:

  • What firms can do differently to attract and hire more women?
  • What culture changes are needed to be made to retain and make women thrive and advance in the workplaces?
  • What changes are needed to be made to help women get to senior roles?
  • How do you develop strong pipelines of women leaders?
  • What kind of HR, leadership development programs, coaching and other initiatives can firms implement to set women up for success?
  • Best practices in branding and marketing for attracting women into the industry
Dr. Andrea Rowe, Co- Founder and Partner, Feminuity

Sherri Evans, SVP, Chief People Officer, Aviso Wealth
Deborah Best, Vice President, Head of Human Resources, Raymond James Ltd.
Lisa Ritchie, Vice President Talent Acquisition, IG Wealth Management
Diana Godfrey, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Fidelity Canada
2:20 pm

Embrace your female edge and grow your business while at it

Sybil Verch started in the finance industry at the young age of 21. She was told she would likely fail because she was young, female, and pretty. She was told wrong – and Sybil became a successful Advisor, Branch Manager, and then Senior Vice President of the largest independent brokerage firm in North America.

Join Sybil as she recounts her personal journey of smashing the glass ceiling in a traditional “man’s role”. Whether your goal is a promotion to the next level, or to break through a barrier where few women have gone before … Sybil will teach you what you need to do to get there, as well as sharing vital tips for women advisors who are looking to grow their business and revenue.

  • Conceive, believe, achieve – how to find your female edge and make it work for you
  • Why women would advance over men in the industry
  • Why success is a choice and how to seize the opportunities that lie ahead
  • Effective practice management strategies: how to work better, smarter and faster
  • Five things that you can do today to grow your book of business
Sybil Verch, SVP, National Director Wealth Management, Raymond James; Host and Executive Producer of the national television show The Wealthy Life; Author of The Female Edge
3:20 pm

How to build your brand and reputation

Cindy David is a well-known expert in the Canadian insurance industry. A commemorative “Award of Excellence” was presented to her in 2008 by Canada’s largest financial institution, Manulife Financial, for being one of the top three estate planners across the country. Cindy is the youngest individual to have achieved this distinction.

From starting her career at only 21, Cindy is now one of Canada’s most sought-after financial planning experts. She has earned her reputation in the industry – and now she is here to teach you how to build yours. In the spotlight:

  • Your reputation is everything. What is it? How do you do it? How do you build it?
  • Why being trustworthy is the most important thing in business
  • Your perception matters – how to turn a no into a yes and into opportunities
  • What are the most important tools that you need to succeed? And how to use them effectively
  • Practical strategies for addressing problems and difficult situations
Cindy David, President, Cindy David Financial Group
4:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Overcoming the barriers faced by women in wealth management

The journey to success is rarely a smooth one. But, to get ahead, successful women must turn obstacles into opportunities … step out of comfort zones to get ahead … push their limits to achieve more … show their unique value … and never settle for less.

Our panel of successful women experts unveils their solutions for overcoming common barriers to success, including:

  • What are the key ingredients to success?
  • How to stop undervaluing your success and charging less for your services
  • The importance of finding the right life partner and how to ask for their support
  • Examining which career paths fit best with your lifestyle
  • How to fulfill an expectation of a practice leader and raise a family at the same time
  • How to find a mentor including how to ask your firm for executive coaching
  • Harnessing the power of networking and how to find the time to commit to it on a regular basis
  • What technology tools can help women save more time and be more efficient?
Susan Latremoille, Director, Wealth Management, Wealth Advisor, The Latremoille Begg Group

Christine Fortin, Vice-President, Senior Wealth Advisor and Financial Planner, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Lindsay Holtz, Managing Director, Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group
Kathleen Hurtubise, VP, Business Development, CUSO Wealth Strategies
Diane Nash, Wealth Advisor, NASH Family Wealth Management at National Bank Financial; Female Trailblazer Award Winner, Wealth Professional Awards 2018
4:50 pm - 6:30 pm

Women in Wealth Management Awards reception

Taking place on the night of the Women in Wealth Management Masterclass, the Women in Wealth Management Awards reception is the first industry awards in Canada recognizing women in financial advice and wealth management who are making a significant contribution to their profession, community and clients. It is a cocktail styled reception complete with hors d'ouvres being served. Tickets to the Masterclass entitle you to entry to the awards reception.

  • Be a part of promoting positive change in the financial advice sector, encouraging more women to enter the industry and to take leadership roles, and making wealth management a more empowering and rewarding field for women to work in.
  • Join the stellar Wealth Professional community of top industry players and wealth professionals for an evening that celebrates the excellence and contributions of women in the industry.
  • Network with top female leaders, trailblazers, young guns and rising stars in wealth management in Canada.
Nominations are now open for seven award categories open to female advisors, wealth professionals and executives, and the teams and organizations that they run. Submit your entries before nominations close on September 9, 2018, Sunday — it only takes 2 minutes!

Reception Hall TBD

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