Jennifer Black

Portfolio Manager and Family Enterprise Advisor, Multi-Award Winning Advisor, Mandeville Private Client Inc./DFS Private Wealth

After a successful tennis career Jennifer entered the financial industry. Jennifer quickly discovered how much she enjoys working with families and helping them to achieve their goals. Leveraging the discipline and work ethic developed during her tennis career, Jennifer has been instrumental in creating an award winning process. As a Portfolio Manager and Family Enterprise Advisor, Jennifer has an inherent ability to understand clients’ needs, and develop portfolios to help them reach their goals quickly and efficiently.

Working with Families is a natural fit since Jennifer has been in business with her mother Janet for over 15 years. As a mother daughter team, they understand the needs of families and work for the benefit of the overall family. Jennifer’s competitiveness gives her an edge many advisors do not have. She works from a place of Excellence, always making sure that clients have the best of everything. The best advice, access to the right advisors for their particular situation, access to quality public and private investments and portfolio managers around the world, and the best fit, only solutions customized for their unique family.

In 2013 Jennifer and Janet wrote a book titled “Managing Alone”, a guide to surviving the death of a spouse. This female team is uniquely positioned to understand and support women and their distinctive investment needs and provide access to the tools needed in their pursuit of financial freedom.

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