Susan Latremoille

Director, Wealth Management, Wealth Advisor, The Latremoille Begg Group


Susan works with clients at the intersection of life and money. As a Wealth Advisor, Susan believes in a holistic approach to helping her clients plan their financial futures and manage their wealth so that they achieve their goals with peace of mind. She founded the Latremoille Group in 1990 to provide advice and wealth management to a select group of high net worth business owners, professionals and wealthy families. The Latremoille Group was honoured to be the winner of the “Wealth Professional Award 2018 - Top Advisor Office under 10 staff”.

Susan has welcomed a new partner to the group, now known as The Latremoille Begg Group at Richardson GMP.

Since her graduation from The Family Enterprise Advisor Program in 2017, Susan has focused on multi-disciplinary approaches to solving family business succession issues. As a certified Successfinder practitioner, Susan also helps people discover their passions and career path. She recently co-presented a webinar on the behavioural aspects of family business succession for The Family Enterprise Exchange.

Susan holds the FEA, ICD.D designations and has an MBA from The Canadian School of Management. She is a past board member of Richardson Financial Holdings Inc. and former member of the investment committee at The Toronto Foundation. Susan was a finalist in the Wealth Professional Awards category of “Female Trailblazer of the Year.”

Susan is the author of the books, “The Rich Life – Managing Wealth and Purpose”, “It’s Not Just About The Money – The Whole Life Approach to Wealth Management”, and co-author of “On The Shoulders of Atlas – A Story about transitioning a Family Owned Business”.

In her spare time, Susan teaches and studies yoga, grows vegetables on her cottage rooftop, and has travelled to far flung places like Bhutan, Sri Lanka, India, The Caucuses, The Galapagos, Hudson Bay (to see polar bears in the wild). Susan participates in the Toronto Santa Claus Parade as a clown. She is the mother of two grown children and a recent first time grandmother.

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