Jennifer Schell

Partner, Associate Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Strategist, Treegrove Investment Management Inc.

Jennifer Schell is an Associate Portfolio Manager and Partner at Treegrove Investment Management Inc, where she runs discretionary portfolios to meet the needs of her clients’ financial goals.  Her career spans over fifteen years across Canada’s major financial institutions where she’s been passionate about wealth management and helping her clients align effective stock market strategies with their core values.  Financial literacy is at the core of Jennifer’s practice, where she believes that a solid financial education is instrumental to building an amazing financial future. To achieve this, Jennifer Schell is the founder and CEO of Finliti – an accessible educational platform to help investors make informed and impactful investment decisions to enrich their lives by achieving their financial goals.  Investors are encouraged to discover their Investor Profile, which is a new scientific tool to understand how they perceive risk and opportunities.