This conference has been approved for 6 credit hours by The Institute for Advanced Financial Education & FP Canada

8:15 am

Registration and networking breakfast

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8:55 am

Opening remarks from Chairperson:
James Burton, News Editor, Wealth Professional

9:00 am

Changing demographics: An opportunity for female advisors

With studies showing that women will control an even bigger share of wealth in Canada in the coming years, advisors are having to adapt their approach to capitalize on this new opportunity. Meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with this group will be driven by connection, trust and an interest in family planning and long-term financial wellbeing. So, therefore, there is an immense opportunity for women advisors to leverage a more empathetic, intuitive and emotionally connected approach to better respond to these requirements. This session will discuss:

  • Overview of changing market requirements and demographics
  • What are these emerging client segments seeking from their financial advisors?
  • Opportunities for women to communicate more effectively to a changing client base
  • To what extent will changing client demographics change the playing field of the wealth management industry?

Shannon Lee Simmons

Founder, New School of Finance

9:50 am

Boardroom presenting: Winning high stakes conversations with proven strategies and speaking skills

Presenting in a boardroom is unlike any other setting – part monologue, part dialogue, part presentation and part improvisation. Presentation skills can make or break your impression on colleagues and clients alike. This interactive workshop will deliver leading insight into the preparation tactics and presentation skills that will enable female leaders to win boardroom meetings.

  • How to design meeting tactics and goals
  • Understand seating strategies that deliver the greatest potential impact
  • Develop eye, voice and body language skills for effective and persuasive presentations
  • Best practices for handing skepticism to gain consensus
  • Practical tips for enhancing presentation messaging and delivering a strong close
  • Advice for developing client-centric presentations

Lisa Kueng

Director of Creative Campaigns, Invesco Consulting

10:40 am

Morning refreshments and networking break

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11:00 am

Benefits of flexible work practices

The ridged and competitive nature of the industry demands for long hours and the prioritization of clients can make it difficult for women to return to work, when family commitments require flexibility. Why is it important for companies to offer flexibility in the workplace? How can flexible work practices be utilized without impacting career development and company culture? How can progress be made to promote industry-wide flexibility and work-life balance? This session will discuss:

  • The long-term benefits of flexible work practices.
  • Strategies for taking advantage of flexible working without impacting career growth
  • Best practices for establishing leave programs that support women back to work
  • The potential of technology to enable flexible work practices and create workload efficiency

Pat Weir

Senior Advisor, Lawton Partners

11:40 am

Panel discussion: Unlocking the value of mentorship

Creating a supportive network is key to empowering women with the insights, ideas and confidence to advocate for themselves, navigate career challenges and prepare for the future. We are never too established to learn from one another or gain fresh perspectives. This session will discuss:

  • The value of creating a support network; mentoring, reverse mentoring and sponsorship
  • Practical strategies for finding a mentor
  • Best practices for adding tangible value as a mentor
  • Assessing the difference between mentorship and sponsorship for pursing career goals
  • Advice for establishing company mentorship programs and measuring return on investment


Lisa Applegath

Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager, CIBC Private Wealth Management


Kar-Wei Lam

Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager, Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Karrie Van Belle

Senior Vice-President, Head of Marketing and Communications, AGF Investments Inc.

Camilla Sutton

President and CEO, Women in Capital Markets

12:25 pm

Networking lunch

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1:50 pm

Wearing multiple hats: How to be an advisor and a leader

An increasing number of female advisors have risen to leadership positions. How do you juggle leadership responsibilities while still serving your clients? How can you lead with confidence? In this session addresses:

  • How to be a resilient and authentic leader in a male-dominated industry
  • Developing a personal leadership style
  • Advice for making the transition into a leadership role
  • Inspiring other women to succeed: building and leading a team

Dona Eull-Schultz

Senior Vice-President and Portfolio Manager, Cardinal Capital Management

2:30 pm

Panel discussion: Tools to build your book of business

In light of a changing industry, your professional growth is dependent on acquiring tools to build your book of business. Which business development tools can set women apart in a male-dominated industry? What does it look like to build a business that reflects your value? This session discusses:

  • Picking the right investment partners that reflect your business style
  • Targeting a niche market
  • How to transition your business model to reflect a changing demographic
  • Growing your book of business through your personal brand


Ann Richards

Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager (Retired), CIBC Wood Gundy


Jackie Porter

CFP, Female Speaker, Carte Financial Group

María José Flores Suarez

Chief Compliance Officer, Carte Financial Group

Ginny Arnott-Wood

Wealth Advisor and Associate Portfolio Manager, Raymond James

3:30 pm

Afternoon coffee break

3:50 pm

Panel discussion: A Bright Future: What can you do to empower the next generation of female advisors?

The wealth management industry is beginning to adapt to changing market requirements and the benefits of fostering a diverse workforce and executive team fast becoming realized. What can we do to further inclusion efforts and empower female leaders? What actions can you take after this conference to impact the future of the wealth management profession?

  • Key learnings from best practice diversity & inclusion programs; what impact have these actions had on the business?
  • Effective strategies to attract, engage and retain women within the industry
  • Engaging men in the conversation and working alongside male champions of change to push for progress
  • How to use your position to influence culture change
  • Looking to the future: What are the opportunities and how do we leverage them?


Tea Nicola

CEO & Co-Founder, WealthBar


Tim Deacon

CPA, CA, CFO, Global Wealth and Asset Management, Manulife

Karen Adams

CEO, Fundserv

Jennifer Radman

Vice President, Head of North American Equities & Senior Portfolio Manager, Caldwell Investment Management

4:40 pm

Closing remarks

4:45 pm

Women in Wealth Management Awards Reception

5:15 pm

Women in Wealth Management Awards

Taking place on the night of the Women in Wealth Management Summit, the Women in Wealth Management Awards reception recognises women in the wealth industry who are making a significant contribution to their profession, community and clients. It is a cocktail styled reception complete with hors d’oeuvres being served. Tickets to the Summit entitle you to entry to the awards reception.

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