Stage One – Online nominations

A nationwide call for nominations will be conducted from August to October 2019 using Wealth Professional online channels. Nominations are open across seven categories. Any individual or company operating in the Wealth Management industry is eligible to submit a nomination, either on their own behalf or for someone else.

All nominations must be submitted via the official Women in Wealth Professional Awards online portal and must be submitted on or before the final date of entry (Tuesday October 8). The Women in Wealth team reserves the right to refuse any nominations submitted after this date.

When preparing your nomination, the focus should be on achievements and results from the previous 12 months. Each nomination should not exceed 500 words, so we encourage submissions to be brief, concise and factual. All information contained in the entries and marked confidential will be treated as such and not be published without permission of the entrant.

Stage Two – Research and selection of finalists

The Women in Wealth team will also conduct research and draw on knowledge and information gained through Wealth Professional’s connections to the wealth management industry in order to support and supplement nominations received and to ensure that no one deserving of recognition is missed. Finalists will be determined from both pools of information.

Stage Three – Confirmation of finalists

Once the research has been completed, finalists will be selected in each category and notified via phone and e-mail. Finalists will also be announced on the Women in Wealth Summit website and in the Insurance Business newsletter.

The Finalist Notification email contains a unique link to the Finalist Form to be filled out by each Finalist in order to proceed to the final round of judging. Please see ‘Step 4: Completing the Finalist Form’ for more details on the Finalist Form.

Stage Four – Judging

The Women in Wealth team will send completed submissions to an independent panel of judges, comprising wealth management industry leaders and senior representatives. Judges will be well known and well respected within the industry and their judgment will be impartial, balanced, incisive and fair. Any judge with a conflict of interest in a particular category will recuse themselves from judging that category. Judges will review the nominations and allocate a score for each finalist. The finalist with the highest score in each category once the judging process has been completed will be named the winner.

Stage Five – Awards presentation

The winners in each category will be announced at the official awards ceremony on Tuesday, 26th November 2019 to be held at the conclusion of the Women in Wealth Summit. Winners will also be published on the Women in Wealth Summit website and in the Wealth Professional newsletter.

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